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A man at Wile village making and playing a mouth harp.

A man at Wile Village wearing a blue stripe knitted cap with feather and fiber necklaces with other materials including nasa shells.

A scene at the Wile Village at Baliem Gorge

Tool Making and Use_1422.jpg
Dani man at Yeineri or Tagime, carrying a Grand Valley and West type B Ax and used it to split wood. The ax is squared off at the distal end. A Dani uses an ax for its normal purpose, while adzes are used to chop down trees.

Siba standing next to war chief, Asike A Walilo.

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Three men standing on a rock on Baga Ridge

People_0195 copy.jpg
Portrait of a man at Suroba village

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Wililke is Wali's wife and the older woman, Yamake, is the older wife of Wali. In the first image, both are shown wearing a noken on their heads. In the following images, they place Wililke's baby inside another noken, which has banana leaves cushion…

People_0304 copy.jpg
Wililke is Wali's wife. She removes the leaves from the stem and put them in the net for cushion for her baby.


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Close up of smiling boy at Belokme Village market at Pasar.
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