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People_0228 copy.jpg
A close up of Itlaik with shell ornament in the nose and a red band on forehead.
Notes on slide: Itlaik - Hupainma Opagima. Itlaik did much for me, middle of night.

People_0220 copy.jpg
Kusa wears a large white shell ornament on his nose.

Siba standing next to war chief, Asike A Walilo.

People_0188 copy.jpg
A man with a beard, squatting on a field. He wears a shell band on the chest and a penis sheath.

People_0160 copy.jpg
A man called Tuwesike standing by a sing tree at Sekan Village.

People_0208 copy.jpg
A smiling man with a beard and curly cap.

People_0096 copy.jpg
Simon Silimek climbs over a fence gate at Sekan Village. A close-up shows his amputated fingertips. Two fingertips were cut for one son and two fingertips for another.

The name 'Walo' means snake. He is wearing a penis sheath, a knitted cap, and a (metal?) ring above his elbows. Close-up shows the string holding up penis sheath.

People_0221 copy.jpg
Three men standing on a rock on Baga Ridge

A scene at the Wile Village at Baliem Gorge
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