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People_0227 copy.jpg
A man with a red cap and white feather, shell band down the chest.

People_0235 copy.jpg
An old man with a beard and blue knit hat.
Note on slide: Will play mouth harp.

People_0236 copy.jpg
A man with flowers in nose.

People_0195 copy.jpg
Portrait of a man at Suroba village

A man at Wile Village wearing a blue stripe knitted cap with feather and fiber necklaces with other materials including nasa shells.

People_0223 copy.jpg
Man at Sekan, seated on grass with leather (?) hat.

People_0139 copy.jpg
Aikedek Wilil wears cus cus for hat and sits by a tree at Sekan Village.

People_0222 copy.jpg
Buti Tiya wears a safety pin as an earring. He is the second oldest living man in Dagai Village

People_0237 copy.jpg
Portrait of a man with a gray beard, called Heselo in Hutom village.

People_0239 copy.jpg
A man holding sticks with a red band on his forehead.
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