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Bracelets made of natural fibers with yellow orchid fibers

People_0044 copy.jpg
A chief at Sekan wears a safety pin in one ear. His fingertips are amputated.

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Dani man at Yeineri or Tagime, carrying a Grand Valley and West type B Ax and used it to split wood. The ax is squared off at the distal end. A Dani uses an ax for its normal purpose, while adzes are used to chop down trees.

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Men from the Daole Mabel family gather to build a museum at Jiwika. They are taking wood from the pile and setting up wood for the building. Some men are wearing traditional attire and others western clothing.

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Smiling boys at Belokme Village market at Pasar.

A group of women from Jale Yali.

A group of seven children in Kipilamo Village in Abusa area. A girl has a net bag on her head.

A Yali shaman in very high remote areas heals a pig with his hands. He wears a hoop skirt and armbands.

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A Yali man squatting in a field.

A group of Dani men and women gather at the village to perform castration of a pig and cut its ears for medical purposes
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