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Woman carrying a load of sweet potatoes
A Dani woman carrying a load of sweet potatoes in a net bag with sweet potato leaves on her head.

Old woman wearing a neck hanging
An old woman at Upama Village, wearing a neck hanging and a net bag on her head

Group of pregnant women
A group of women from Jale Yali.

Group of smiling children
A group of seven children in Kipilamo Village in Abusa area. A girl has a net bag on her head.

Standing man Walo
The name 'Walo' means snake. He is wearing a penis sheath, a knitted cap, and a (metal?) ring above his elbows. Close-up shows the string holding up penis sheath.

Old man Walo takes a drink
Walo climbs down to the Aike river and takes a drink.

Old man with a gourd takes a drink
Old man with ring beard fills his gourd at a spring near Opagima Village and drinks.

Daole Mabel Family starts a museum at Jiwika
Men from the Daole Mabel family gather to build a museum at Jiwika. They are taking wood from the pile and setting up wood for the building. Some men are wearing traditional attire and others western clothing.

Simon Silimek climbs over fence gate
Simon Silimek climbs over a fence gate at Sekan Village. A close-up shows his amputated fingertips. Two fingertips were cut for one son and two fingertips for another.

Chief at Sekan
A chief at Sekan wears a safety pin in one ear. His fingertips are amputated.
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