The archive comprises artifacts and documentation collected by Dr. O. W. (Bud)Hampton in the Highlands of Papua, Indonesia over an 18-year period (1982-1999).

It contains approximately 1000 artifacts from daily and ritual lives, which include many stone tools, medicinal kits, bodily ornaments, and rare fiber materials such as spider-web cloths and looped net bags.

It also contains about 20,000 color slides, 200 sounds recordings on cassette tape made in the field, and meticulous research notes.

Recently Added Items

Mouth harp


A man at Wile village making and playing a mouth harp.

Portrait of a man


A man at Wile Village wearing a blue stripe knitted cap with feather and fiber necklaces with other materials including nasa shells.

Wile Village


A scene at the Wile Village at Baliem Gorge

Dani man with an ax

Tool Making and Use_1422.jpg

Dani man at Yeineri or Tagime, carrying a Grand Valley and West type B Ax and used it to split wood. The ax is squared off at the distal end. A Dani…

Portrait of Siba and Asike


Siba standing next to war chief, Asike A Walilo.

Three men standing on a rock on Baga Ridge

People_0221 copy.jpg

Three men standing on a rock on Baga Ridge

Portrait of a man

People_0195 copy.jpg

Portrait of a man at Suroba village

Wililke puts on a set of net carriers (noken) including one with her baby with the help of an older woman

People_0276 copy.jpg

Wililke is Wali's wife and the older woman, Yamake, is the older wife of Wali. In the first image, both are shown wearing a noken on their heads. In…

Wililke prepares bed of banana leaves in noken (net carrier) for her baby

People_0304 copy.jpg

Wililke is Wali's wife. She removes the leaves from the stem and put them in the net for cushion for her baby.

Portrait of a boy

People_0111 copy.jpg

Close up of smiling boy at Belokme Village market at Pasar.